Why Be Our Guest Events & Design?

I am a HUGE Disney fan and Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie! So when thinking of a name for my business, I just felt that it was absolutely perfect. (Fun fact: my fiance’ and I reconnected because of a Facebook message after I attended Disney World with my best friend, and he needed tips and tricks. Also, our wedding will be Beauty and the Beast-themed).

Why hire a Wedding Planner?

  • Saves You Time

    You are free to focus on other things that really matter to you and you don’t have to worry about the small details such as communication and planning throughout your planning process.

  • We know about all the random details

    Do you realize all of the small moving pieces that go into planning and executing a wedding? Probably not. We do this all of the time, so those random details are completely normal around here!

  • Budget

    Everyone’s favorite word! We are here to help you stay on budget and as much under as possible too. Weddings are expensive, we have a ton of tips and tricks to help you out with staying on track.

  • Contracts

    Unfortunately everyone doesn’t have your best interest in mind, so we are here to go through the fine print with you to make sure everything looks good! No, we aren’t a legal team but do have experience in what to look for from specific vendors.

  • Enjoy Your Day Fully

    Who wants to run around taking care of things on the day of their wedding? Absolutely no one! Let us handle it for you, from making sure all the candles are lit to making sure the cake is perfect!

What is your required deposit?

Typically, it is 50% at the time of contract signing. But, we completely understand that sometimes that can be hard to do and we are able to work with you and create a payment plan. We also offer a 10% paid-in-full discount!